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Ten Thousand Trees Campaign

While Wikaniko is one of the biggest online retailers of every eco friendly product you could imagine, we have teamed up with Environmental Partners Ltd. to start spreading seeds of hope across Africa, by planting trees!

The trees are currently being planted near the town of Wolkite. It is the ‘capital’ of the area just south of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. The area is desperately in need of trees both for environmental and resource requirements.

  • Trees grow three times faster in Africa than they do in the UK. Therefore, our trees will help negate the carbon impact on our environment a lot faster.
  • A tree planted in the African climate can reach 20ft in 2 years, so we’ll get results in our lifetime.

This project (apart from benefiting the atmosphere) will bring many other benefits such as providing food and shelter with a sustainable income, improving living standards, rebuilding worn soils, reducing erosion, replenishing groundwater aquifers, creating microclimate conditions, encouraging the return of indigenous species, improving the area re agriculture and bio diversity.

In other words – you aren’t just getting a tree planted. You’re sustaining life, helping our wonderful planet, and are making a lot of people very, very happy.

We sell indigenous trees, mango trees, or apple trees.

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Save 400,000 Trees, Now!

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