Recently, Wikaniko introduced an initiative to share their opportunity globally. This means that if you have an internet connection, or even just a phone line, you can work from anywhere in the world!

This will be incredibly helpful in the European countries that are struggling with high numbers of unemployment. Most of the work that is available offers poor working conditions, low wages and debilitating hours. We need an alternative!

Lets bring hope to the families struggling to pay their bills and put dinner on the table!

We can offer work that allows people to govern their own time, to be their own boss. Work from home, in their local areas with local people. Work with no discrimination of ability or circumstance. There are no restrictions, no boundaries. Anyone can do this.

I will be developing an archive of translations of the current documents and brochures, so we can make Wikaniko accessible for anyone from anywhere. I can’t do this alone, get involved and help change lives!



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