What is Wikaniko? It translates phonetically to “We Can Eco”, and that really is the message we are trying to share. The goal of everyone involved is to inspire hope, that we really can transform our impact on the environment. That we can make a difference, one step at a time.

Wikaniko has now become a massive network of distributor teams: People that are passionate about our planet. People that are empowering each other and themselves to make a change! We have a very active online community, where you can introduce yourself and find your feet (if you do choose to join us in our gentle revolution).

An ethically focused company that is doing much more than reducing our chemical toxicity, we are also reducing our economical toxicity!

Wikaniko is a Cooperative, this means….

The HQ is an office full of volunteers! There is no salary hierarchy. The only thing that determines our income is our hard work. All of the extra profits are distributed amongst the members in various reward schemes and fair commission rates.

It is not often you find anyone in the lower levels of a corporate company making more than others, but for the members of Wikaniko, it happens all the time! You are paid for your productivity:  If you do more work you earn more money, because that’s fair, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!



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