Wikaniko is helping many people become economically independent, bringing benefits to a community at the most local level. You can help friends, family and neighbours make a little extra income. Make their lives a little more comfortable. As they buy from you, and you buy from them,  all the profits circulate within immediate circles.

You are choosing to support the smaller manufacturers of eco friendly products. Products that are bought debt free. This truly is an ethical income. While making yourself a little extra money, you are also helping lots of other people do the same.

Wikaniko has the answer for the millions of unemployed, and it is a good answer. You can help transform the workforce into a more independent, liberated population that succeeds by helping friends, family and neighbours before the giant corporations.

At the very least, even if you have a dependable income already, you can share this opportunity, and use any profits to plant trees in Africa. Help promote a better way of life! Help people find faith in our economy!

The Wikaniko opportunity is for everyone, without regard to their education, circumstances, background or finances. From the moment you join, you can make an income. And from the moment you join, you will start to make a positive impact on the planet as well. How cool is that?

Because Wikaniko is a Cooperative, and none of the HQ staff are paid any salary, all the profits are generated into generous commissions. 33% is higher than any other company, and with more sales you earn more commission, the most at 45%! So your time and effort really is rewarded.






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